How To Deal With The Relationship Between Clothes And Height

How To Deal With The Relationship Between Clothes And Height

We’re well aware that clothes come in diverse sizes, forms, brands, shapes, designs and even height requirements. The world has billions of clothing options divided into these categories and sometimes finding the clothes that complement all of you may be a hassle if you don’t have the right pointers. Think of it as having access to a gold mine without owning a metal detector. However, in this piece we’ll not only be highlighting the relationship that clothes have with height, we’ll equally be giving out pointers to use when shopping for your next piece. Let’s get into it.

For taller girls

Being vertically blessed, you may feel that finding something that accentuates those endless legs without overdoing it may either cost too much or be a bit of a hunt. So then, what’s the solution to your problems? It’s pretty simple, shop at . Here are some of the pieces which are sure to look great on taller girls.

Purple Lace Perspective Backless Sexy Slim Gothic Long Sleeve Long Dress

This purple lace backless dress is sure to make tall girls the center of all attraction.     This Purple Lace Perspective Backless Sexy Slim Gothic Long Sleeve Long Dress is perfect for taller girls because once adorned, height isn’t the first thing noticed about them, but rather it shines light on their personality, style, sultry nature and elegance through flattering and has great lace detail. The back is open thus highlighting the shoulder even further and it all comes beautifully down to its lace hem finish. It is flattering and makes them look slimmer. This dress is perfect for day to night events. It also has a bit of a daring and fierce theme to it, giving its wearer a strong look. This beautiful piece is available from XS to XXXL, giving all women a chance to look this glam.


Punk Gothic Elegant Sexy Translucent Backless Dress


Now this is one very daring dress. Not only does the Punk Gothic Elegant Sexy Translucent Backless Dress have a beautifully shaped open back which highlights the shoulder bones, it is equally detailed to the letter. It pronounces the taller women’s ample backside and gives the impression of a slimmer waist. The legs aren’t left out as there’s a transparent fabric that loosely illuminates the taller women’s strut. It is one beautiful, daring and highly sultry dress that all taller girls need to derive inspiration from when dressing up. This piece covers sizes from S to L and at only $145.80, you too can get it.


Queen Silver Low V-neck Silk Sling Long Dress

Now, this piece has all the ingredients for elegance which is something taller girls may struggle to portray in their choices. The plunging neckline idolizes the collar bones, and gives a slimming effect to the overall look while the spaghetti straps at the back adds a flirty approach to the ensemble. The Queen Silver Low V-neck Silk Sling Long Dress is perfect for cocktails, fundraisers, soirees or any event that requires a sprinkle of elegance. This dress is all made of silk and has lace details as well. It’s available in XS to XXXL and it goes for $280.80.

These are only three of the variety of options available on the clothing store, The first two dresses are made of cotton and spandex while the Queen Silver Low V-neck Silk Sling Long Dress is made of silk. They are long and give the silhouette of a taller woman’s most prized feature, her legs, while highlighting her waistline and beautiful nape. These dresses could be worn to dinner functions, dates, etc. There’s a certain flirtatious, gothic and classy aura these dresses portray and the best part is that they’re highly comfortable too. All three dresses are available in diverse sizes and are affordable too, all on

For smaller girls

Smaller girls are really cute, especially when they wear the best outfits for their stature. Being as down to earth as these girls are, it’s very easy to look like a teddy bear, especially if you’re trying to look taller. There’s a way to look cute, cuddly and elegant as well. The solution to this is found in these three pieces from Let’s start with the cutest of them all.

Magic Tea Party Sunny Day And Food Series Printing Classic Lolita JSK Sling Dress Version 2

One super power smaller girls have is their cuteness, and with this dress not only will they wield this power, they’ll look very cultured as well. When going for a tea party, reenactment, or something flirty and fun, do slip on this budding dress. It’s designed to highlight the bosoms of smaller girls and give off a fuller look. The slimming waistline, hem and details make this piece a must have for smaller girls.


Steampunk Gothic Slim Leather Pleated Short Skirt


Unlike other skirts which may make smaller girls look much smaller, this pleated skirt when paired with heels, gives an impression of longer legs and a taller physique.

Round-toe Hollow Out Heart-shape Ruffle School Lolita High Heels Shoes

All small girls need the right pair of shoes to go about their days, these high heel shoes are not only comfortable, they are fashionable, multipurpose and adds a few inches to their heights.

Ultimately, all three pieces are idea for smaller girls. The dresses enhances their cute sides while giving the impression of a longer neck, the pleated short skirt when paired with heels gives the impression of longer legs, while the ruffle high heel shoes make them look smart and a few inches taller. The trio is perfect for a variety of getherings including dates, casual gatherings and even playing dressup.

With these pointers, your next purchase on Lolitain is bound to be one of your best ones. There is a threshhold of options on the site with which you could imply these pointers to. Also, most pieces come in diverse colors and sizes to accommodate every need.


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