Outdoor activities

If you’re looking for some fun outdoor activities for your next event, why not try a white bounce house, archery bunker tag, and foot darts? These three games are sure to provide hours of entertainment for guests of all ages.

The white bounce house

The white bounce house is a classic inflatable that has been a staple of outdoor events for decades. Kids love jumping and playing in this colorful attraction, and adults can’t resist joining in on the fun. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, school carnival, or company picnic, a white bounce house is a surefire way to keep everyone entertained.

Archery bunker tag

Archery bunker tag is a newer game that has gained popularity in recent years. It’s a combination of archery and laser tag, and it’s played with foam-tipped arrows and inflatable bunkers. Players work in teams to eliminate their opponents by shooting them with arrows, and the team with the most players left standing at the end of the game wins. It’s a great way to get some exercise and improve your archery skills while having fun with friends.

Foot darts

Foot darts is another fun and unique outdoor game that has become popular in recent years. It’s played with a giant inflatable dartboard and Velcro-covered balls that players kick at the board to score points. It’s a fun twist on traditional darts and a great way to get some exercise and work on your aim.

All three of these games are easy to set up and can be rented from a party rental company. They’re also versatile enough to be played in a variety of outdoor settings, from backyards to parks to beaches.

So next time you’re planning an outdoor event, consider adding a white bounce house, archery bunker tag, or foot darts to your lineup. Your guests will thank you for the hours of fun and entertainment!

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